I'd Rather Fight than Fuck is looking for a frontman/lyricist.


I'd Rather Fight Than Fuck has found a guitar player.


Net Worth album has been mixed, mastered and should hit the press within the next month.
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On Capitalism and Music: A Declaration of Intent, A Condolement, and A Thanksgiving

Music and industry are forever at odds with each other; one is unstable and the other is therapy for the unstable; one is the idiom of emotion and the other is the endeavors to obscure actuality. By nature, industry is unstable, immoral, unethical, and more often than not, bordering on criminal. Capitalism, the genesis of industry, is a disease contracted from hysteria and insecurity, spread through propaganda and deceit, endured, accepted, and finally coveted due to greed and the rationalization that if our neighbors invest their lives and livelihood in its responsibilities and reap its rewards, then we should, too.

Music has nothing to do with industry.

The Schaefers Recording Cooperative is an independent label, whose sole purpose is to produce and release music written and performed by its artists, who may have performed and who may yet perform together in various incarnations. It is a venue through which we, as musicians and as artists and more importantly, as individuals, can document our work; it is a method we exploit to hopefully find meaning or purpose in our lives. It is a verification of our existence, a token of our struggles, collective as well as personal.

Integrity, honesty, humility. A common descriptor of the releases that will ensue.

We are in this together, whether we realize it or not; whether we want to be or not. And our music, our art, as ambitious or mundane as it may be, is perhaps our first step in this realization.

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